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Making a difference, having fun, doing the impossible...
it's all in a day's work

ISS attracts imaginative thinkers who seek out complex problems and enjoy creating the elegant solution for "mission impossible" scenarios.

For more than 26 years, we have been building a strong community -- and creating a rich culture -- that suits intensely curious minds, inventors, and other professionals who like to solve challenging, complex problems. 

Our SEI/CMM Level 3 environment fosters a shared sense of finding "the better way" to create solutions. Our ideas, tools, methods, and thought leadership in open source approaches, are helping us to build the next generation of custom solutions.

Whether you are working at a client site or in our Advanced Technology Solutions Center (our secure, onshore, local resource for outsourcing), you will find considerable challenge and room to grow.

We hire individuals who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and a potential for leadership.  We value differences in background and thinking and achieve success by teaming up to capitalize on our variety of unique strengths.

ISS is proud to be an "EOE" -- equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, national origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Our culture is great and our business is thriving, so why not join us.

Integrated Software Specialists, Inc., based in Schaumburg, IL, has been helping our clients align technology to business using Best of Breed engineering practices for over 25 years. Our focus is delivering world class software solutions to government agencies ranging from municipal and county solutions up to and including state wide and country wide solutions.  As the name implies, our technology and architecture focus is on integration and we build all of our solutions from the ground up using Service Oriented Architecture design and implementation concepts.


Currently seeking the following positions:

Job Description:  Lead Software Engineer

•     Responsible for the development of major software components.

     Responsible for major design elements of a product or project solution.

     Responsible for mentoring other software engineers.

     Conducts code reviews

     Works closely with Business Analysts and Project managers to understand business domain and requirements.

     Works closely with Architecture group to understand shared architecture components, philosophies and vision.


Required Skills

    8 years industry experience developing and supporting computer software.

    Experience must include 5 years developing and supporting an object-oriented, web based application using Java technologies on a Windows and / or Linux/Unix environment.

    Understanding of Object-Oriented software development concepts (e.g.: inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and composition); must be able to use these concepts in a software design of a specific component.

    Ability to read and understand an object-oriented design model that includes class diagrams, interaction diagrams and state diagrams.

    Experience in object-oriented programming languages and Service-oriented architecture, Java Message System and Enterprise Service Bus (MuleESB).

    Must have solid experience in using JPA2+, Hibernate 4+ and Spring framework 3+.

    Experience in using relational database such as MS SQL Server, Oracle 11g, 12c.

    Ability to create class diagrams, interaction diagrams and state diagrams from a business object model, requirement specification, or other analysis artifacts.

    Ability to use design patterns and component frameworks in all design activities.

    Ability to translate these concepts from a design model to a working software object.

    Design and development skills should also include experience with building distributed computing applications and understanding the performance implications of interface design for distributed object services.

    Proficiency using Web service technologies (e.g. RESTful, SOAP);

    Web GUI development using JSP, JSF, RWD, HTML4/5 or DHTML;

    Relational database management systems (e.g. Oracle,  MSSQL, MySQL);

    Multithread programming;

    Rules or inference engines (e.g.: Drools, ILOG Rules, Nexpert, AionDS, G2, and Rete++).

    Demonstrated proficiency in developing software using industry-common modeling methodologies (e.g.: UML, OMT, Booch, and Objectory).

    Demonstrated proficiency with using design patterns and the development of component frameworks.

    Demonstrated proficiency in the use of unit testing and integration testing techniques and tools (e.g.: JUnit, JMeter, Selenium).

    Excellent verbal / written communications and analytic problem-solving skills.

    BS required / MS preferred (Degrees preferably in Computer Science or related field).


Desired Skills:

    Demonstrated proficiency in developing Java software with any of the following: JPA, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP). Experience specifically with WildFly application Server.

    Experience specifically with Responsive Web Design.

    Experience specifically with front-end JS library such as jQuery.

    Experience with developing both SOAP and RESTful web services.

    Understanding of the dimensions of information exchange embodied in JIEM/NIEM and their application to modeling information flow and business processes.

    Experience developing applications for the Criminal Justice domain area.



Job Description:  Management Consultants

Developing solutions for management to align technology with business strategies during the implementation of criminal justice information systems; integrating and synchronizing short and long term business and technology strategies to provide innovative and creative solutions; determining and specifying high level approaches and modeling guidelines using RUP; working with business development team, business analysts, project managers and architects throughout the inception phase; collaborating with the delivery team to ensure integrity of the strategy is achieved during delivery; in conjunction with business development team, develop working relationships with management to identify and articulate their business needs and objectives while fostering a collaborative working environment; developing customized solution proposals and delivering presentations for management; coordinating UAT of the solutions; and assisting in nurturing the business development and relationship process for inception to closing. 

Requirements – Master’s Degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Engineering or Math and two year’s experience in the job offered or two year’s experience in the IT field.  (In lieu of Master’s Degree, employer will accept a Bachelor’s Degree and five year’s experience).

Special requirements – Experience with developing criminal justice information systems solutions; RUP and UAT.


Any Applicant who is interested in these positions may apply by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or regular mail to:



Human Resources

Integrated Software Specialists, Inc.

1251 N. Plum Grove Road, Suite 105

Schaumburg, IL 60173


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