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When Michael Locascio formed ISS in 1989, he had an idea for a different kind of IT Services company. Influenced by his Six-Sigma experience at Motorola and winning the first-ever Malcom Baldridge Award, he envisioned a company focused on much more than just the latest technologies -- a company that could leverage the type of performance and dramatic business results he helped to achieve and wanted to bring to the rest of the world. Today, his vision of a company based on the principles of continuous IT invention, tight IT/Business alignment, extreme quality, and innovative world-class services, is a reality.


New Approaches to Solving Highly Complex Problems

Several factors set ISS apart. ISS loves a challenge and targets highly complex problems that are often mission critical. Our clients typically have changing, volatile and ill-defined requirements, disjointed or ineffective business processes, and/or failing projects, which demand new approaches in order to solve their problems and achieve operational and business improvements.

Another hallmark of our growing company is the way our success continually attracts imaginative thinkers and elite IT technologists who thrive on creating solutions for "mission impossible" situations. We are a "solutions engineering" company focused on results. For us, there is no gap between business and IT and we deliver on that view for our clients every day.


Powerful Solutions at a Fixed Price

Unlike some IT consulting companies, we definitely practice what we preach. In our Advanced Technology Solutions Center, we take on significant projects and deliver creative IT solutions at a fixed price. These projects must be delivered on time and on budget or we face a financial loss -- an impetus that makes us very good at what we do.

We are known by our clients as the ultimate pragmatists, with a gift for reducing the time, cost and risk typically associated with the kinds of "mission impossible" projects we deliver.

The interesting thing about being IT inventors is that we can't stop doing it. As our long list of satisfied clients will attest, we just keep getting better at it. ISS is a pioneer in solutions engineering.

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